Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What was the hardest thing about finding information and doing research on a topic for you personally? Did this Library research course help? In what ways did this course help you? (Or if the course didn’t help, why not? What would have been more helpful and/ or useful to you?
For my research it was difficult because I did not know what page was good for my topic. For my topic I had to look up infant mortality and that was hard. It was hard because infant mortality is not a sickness but just something that happens depending on a certain circumstance. Like for example if the mother is sick it can transfer to the baby and it can die. Also infant mortality can come from the environment and many other things. The library research did help me because before Medline Plus I was just looking at random things in Google and the information that I was finding was not all good and it was taking me some time to look for what I was researching. Though I wish that for my assignment I could have got more help during class because I understood the assignment but I did some things wrong and it cost me points on the assignment. But personally the hardest thing for me was looking up for information and not knowing if it was good or not because sometimes I think that just because it’s in the interment it is good information. Now after taking the library course I found that I was wrong because everything that’s online is not all true and I should watch what I am looking for. Therefore thank you for all the help it really improved my research skills.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Question #3

Blog Question #3
Since everything is on the internet I don’t need books….Right?
This question is wrong; everything that is on the internet is not true, and there are many reasons why. One of the obvious reason why is because sometimes what people or what is on the internet is not actual facts. So if I was writing a paper it can give me the wrong information and can lead for me to get a bad grade. And that might show that my research is not the best one. Therefore a book in many cases can be best because they have real and factual information, and not just a page that someone made up.
Another reason why the internet is not always the best source is because it puts people in exposure. Meaning that sometimes by using the internet bad people can hurt us without us knowing. This could lead to problems at home and other problems. In the internet anyone can make any changes to it and as time goes on the internet is getting more advanced, and not everyone knows how to use it. So that can cause people to put information on the internet that could hurt them.
Finally, why use the internet when books have been around longer than the internet. Books are better things to rely on to get good information. I in this case like the internet but consider that books are a good way to research. In that matter I wish that the internet could be something that would be more like books because it is much easier and faster to do research.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What do you think librarians do? What do you think would be really cool if librarians started doing it? What do you think the library of the future might look like?
I think that librarians are the ones who help answer questions within the library. Also they are the ones who help guide a person to find something in a library, but also fix the books that are misplaced in the shelves. Librarians have hard tasks because they have to know there information because people go to them to find answers and they expect a librarian to know because they are librarians and that’s what librarians are for.
Librarians should start doing more things like Ms Moser is doing and informing the public much more about the internet and about how to do a good research. I think this would help the public because many people do not know that books still exist and that they can still go do research in a library. Another thing librarians should do is have book clubs for young people and give them something to do because sometimes kids do not have anything to do so reading clubs at the library would be fun. Finally I think that librarians should promote the library so that people still know that it exists and they can do it by making flyers or posters.
I think that the library of the future might be that instead of books there is going to be touch screen pads where you just look for what book you need, and that pad will have everything you need. Or maybe the librarians are going to be robots and they are going to be the ones working the library while the human librarians are working behind the scenes. Though no matter how the future library turns out it should be interesting and fun to have available to us.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

College Plans

What do you hope to study when you go to college? Why?

When I go to college I hope to study for nursing because I love to help other people. for me it would be very rewarding to go into the medical filed because at this point in time it seems that more help is needed in that field. Also, because I know that if I become a nurse my mother will be very proud of me because that was what she wanted to study when she was in school. But my mom was unable to do that because she did not speak the language here in the U.S. and she did not finish her education. Therefore to be in the medical profession I am willing to work hard so that I can become a nurse and be in the service of others and make my mom see that I was able to go through with my dreams.Being in the medical profession will help me become a better person and it will allow me to see thing that I am unaware of. So if I go to college I know I will be able to meet people’s needs and so much more. Plus the medical profession needs more minorities so that people will be more comfortable when they visit the doctor.